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Labour law

We provide legal advice on labour law and employment issues. The main law governing employment is enshrined in the Slovak Labour Code, Act No 311/2001, the Labour Code.

Fields of expertise
Drafting of employment contracts
Drafting of various amendments
Notice of dismissal during probationary period
Consultations on posting employees abroad
Representation in employment disputes
Everything you need to know

Establishment and termination of employment

We handle the following for our clients:

  1. Draw up employment contracts – the employment relationship is established by a written employment contract between the employer and employee unless otherwise provided by the Labour Code. The employer must give one counterpart of the employment contract to the employee.
  2. Termination of employment (dismissal with notice, by agreement, summary dismissal).


Employment may be terminated by the employer or the employee by giving notice. To be valid, the notice must be in writing and delivered to the other party.