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Services fo DE / AT clients

Due diligence

Are you planning to buy an undertaking/company in the Slovak Republic as an investment? We can arrange for comprehensive due diligence (accounts, tax, staff, financial, legal).

Fields of expertise
Preparing a summarisation of the investor’s requirements (checklist)
Evaluating the relevant information about the members (shareholders)
Evaluating intellectual property rights
Verifying the target company’s shareholding in other companies
Reviewing all the company’s contracts
Checking for the existence of any litigation
Auditing financial documents
Accuracy of accounts
Everything you need to know

What is due diligence?

The history of the expression ‘due diligence’ is rooted in American law; put another way, it means ‘necessary care’. The purpose of due diligence is to conduct a comprehensive and thorough appraisal of a business that could uncover risks or hidden potential. Our due diligence conclusions will be critical for your final decision concerning the transaction (purchase) and the offer you make to the seller.