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Drafting of contracts and analyses

We are here to offer our legal expertise if you have a contract you would like reviewed and evaluated or if you need a new contract drafted so that you can avoid the risk of entering into an onerous or invalid contract, giving you legal certainty for the future (client’s position as a party to the contract, burden of proof). As a matter of course, our contractual services include communication with the other party.

Fields of expertise
Drafting a purchase contract
Drafting and reviewing a contract for work
Drafting an agency agreement
Drafting a silent participation agreement
Drafting an ownership interest transfer agreement
Legal analysis
Everything you need to know

Purchase contract

A purchase contract is a means by which one party (the seller) commits to delivering something of value to another party (the buyer) and the other party commits to accepting the thing and paying the purchase price.

Contract for work

This is a contract under which a contractor undertakes to execute works for the client and the client undertakes to pay the price for the executed works.

Works is defined as the fabrication of a specific item that does not fall under a purchase contract, the installation and/or maintenance of a specific item, making agreed repairs or alterations to a specific item, or the tangible result of other activity.

Our clients often use our review service for contracts for work, whether they are in the position of client or contractor under the contract; it is an effective way to prevent disputes between the parties and both parties benefit from reduced costs.

Agency agreement

In this type of contract, the agent undertakes to pursue activities for the principal leading to the concluding of a certain type of contracts—transactions that the agent concludes in the name and on behalf of the principal. The principal undertakes to pay the agent a commission for these activities.

Silent participation agreement

This contract must be made in writing. The ‘silent partner’ undertakes to make a contribution and participate in the business of an entrepreneur, who undertakes to pay a portion of the profits in accordance with the silent partner’s shareholding in the business.

Ownership interest transfer agreement

This type of contract is most often used in the sale of a company or when staff changes are made within a company.

Legal analysis

A legal analysis can be drawn up for any legal issue concerning any area of law.

The main purpose of analysis is to evaluate the legal situation, consider the outlook of the case or business model or other matter, and recommend a course of action.

Businesses confronted with the possibility of litigation, and those who are already involved in a lawsuit, are most often interested in legal analysis service, as are companies looking for investment opportunities who need a more comprehensive evaluation of their business model from a legal, or financial and legal, perspective. The philosophy of our practice is to take on winnable cases and other matters that have a chance for a successful resolution.

A thorough legal analysis can save you a significant amount of money.

The legal analysis process:

  1. Receive instructions and relevant documents from client
  2. Approval of price quote
  3. Examine laws and relevant regulations, including case law in similar cases
  4. Prepare analysis
  5. Deliver analysis to client (electronically or in writing)