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Debt recovery in Slovakia

All cases are approached on an individual basis following consultation with the client. An agreement engaging our law firm will first be signed, after which we will agree on how to proceed to ensure that the client’s rights are exercised in the shortest possible time.


Fields of expertise
Drawing up and submitting the application for an order for payment
Drawing up and submitting appeals against orders for payment
Representation of the client in the fast-track procedure
Drafting and submitting applications to enforce judgment
Representation of the client in the enforcement procedure
Everything you need to know

How does the judicial debt collection work?

The process of judicial debt recovery is fast and systematic. We will draft and submit the following on behalf of the client:

  •  documents setting out the claim (action) for payment in accelerated proceedings—this is a type of procedure where the competent court may, but is not required to, issue a payment order in accelerated proceedings of ten days if the applicant can sufficiently prove his or her claim. The application for an order for payment in this type of procedure is submitted on the prescribed form
  • documents setting out the claim (action) for payment in the fast track—this is a fairly new method of debt recovery that must be initiated electronically; the District Court Banská Bystrica is the competent court for all jurisdictions. This method of recovery saves both time and money, as the court fee for an order for payment is one-half of the standard published court fees. Provided that the court fee is paid and all the procedural requirements are met, the order for payment in the fast-track procedure will be served within ten days. The defendant then has fifteen days to appeal the order or to comply and pay the amount of the claim together with interest and fees and court costs
  • documents setting out the claim (action) for electronic submission through the claims portal to the competent court

After a final instrument permitting enforcement has been obtained (judgment, order for payment, settlement, notarial deed, etc.), we will assert the client’s claim as the applicant/claimant in an enforcement procedure.

We recover debts arising out of business transactions as well as those arising out of loans made between individuals.