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Services fo DE / AT clients

Contracts, legal analyses, research

We are here to offer our legal expertise if you have a contract you would like reviewed and evaluated or if you need a new contract drafted so that you can avoid the risk of entering into an onerous or invalid contract. We will also help if your company enters the Slovak market and you need to get an overview of obligations in relation to the Slovak offices.

Fields of expertise
Representation before government offices
Representation before public authorities
Procuring licences and certificates
Everything you need to know

Legal analysis

We will draw up a legal analysis for any legal issue concerning any area of law.

Clients that are confronted with the possibility of litigation, and those who are already involved in a lawsuit, are most often interested in a legal analysis.

The philosophy of our practice is to take on winnable cases. The main purpose of analysis is to evaluate the legal situation, consider the outlook of the case, and recommend a course of action.

The legal analysis process

  1. Receive instructions and relevant documents from client
  2. Approval of price quote
  3. Examine laws and relevant regulations, including case law in similar cases
  4. Prepare analysis
  5. Deliver analysis to client (electronically or in writing)

Research—Legal requirements

Are you bringing your company to Slovakia? Are you in need of an overview of what your official obligations will be in Slovakia?

We will conduct legal research and provide you with a straightforward list of the lawful requirements and the laws that are directly applicable to your business.

We are happy to arrange for any licences, certificates or permits you might need.