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Services fo DE / AT clients

Sale of shelf companies

As our client, when you buy a limited shelf company from us you will become the director of the company within just a few hours. We will make modifications to the company you purchase according to your requirements, such as a change of director, member, trading name, registered office, business scope, and other changes so that you can begin doing business straight away.

Fields of expertise
Delivery of a clean company, owned by you, with no payables/receivables
Drawing up of all documents relating to the sale of the company (in English and German as needed)
Obtaining all necessary official translations and notary services
Registering corporate changes in the commercial register
Everything you need to know

What is a shelf company?

A shelf company or ready-made company is a clean company that has a bank account, an identification number, and paid up capital in accordance with the Commercial Code. The company is also registered for a tax identification number as well as a VAT number.

How does the function of an executive manager work?

The office of director is instituted on the acceptance of the resolution of the sole member or on the date indicated in the resolution.


  • Already registered in the commercial register, complete with identification number
  • Registered for income tax and value added tax (pink card)
  • Our contract provides a guarantee that the company has no payables/receivables
  • The company’s capital is paid up
  • We can set up the transfer of the company within 5 hours
  • All documents are prepared by a licenced advocate
  • The company has never conducted business/traded


  1. Send us your enquiry
  2. We will contact you and reserve the company you are interested in, then we’ll send you an advance payment invoice
  3. Advise us of the name of the new director, member, and your requests for a change of registered address, trading name or business scope
  4. An advocate will draw up all the necessary documents
  5. Schedule an appointment to sign all the transfer documents
  6. Sign all the transfer documents at the notary’s office. As soon as you are named the director, you can start doing business in the name of the company
  7. We’ll register the corporate changes in the commercial register electronically and ensure that the changes are reported to the tax office