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Registered seat of a company

Registered seat of a company

Legislation of the Slovak Republic allows in addition to the existence of the classical domicile of a company also a virtual domicile. Given company does not have any physical offices at this address, in event of the virtual domicile, but this address is registered in the Commercial Register.

Convenience of a virtual domicile is mainly in lower cost of operation and also a lucrative address. Our lawyer's office will provide to you a domicile in a lucrative property, postal matters receipting and forwarding, and other complementary services.

When a virtual domicile is advisable solution:

 In the event of a limited liability company establishing there is needed a registration domicile (registered office) to be entered into the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic. An entrepreneur can introduce as a domicile his current location, which he has rent for business purposes, but with change of premises he must change also the registered office in the Commercial register. To an entrepreneur is advisable to have a stable domicile, eventually he may choose opportunity of a virtual domicile.

 A virtual residence is not just a fictitious address, and it is not concerned in any way of a clipboard company. The domicile established after this manner includes the whole packet of delivered services, as notification of received documents, forwarding of received documents, scanning of received papers and their online registration. So, client has continual overview on whatsoever mail shipment, what was delivered to his company address.